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Wilcity is a standout WordPress theme for directory websites, catering to both individuals and businesses. It simplifies website creation with its user-friendly interface and customization options. Notably, it allows you to host multiple directories on a single platform, ideal for comprehensive listings, real estate, or local businesses. It offers robust listing management, intuitive search, and monetization options. 

User engagement is encouraged through registration, reviews, and social integration. Wilcity is responsive, SEO-friendly, and highly customizable, making it a versatile choice for creating dynamic and visually appealing online directories.

So, let’s have a look at what kinds of major features and benefits Wilcity-Directory Listing WordPress Theme has.

Why Wilcity – Directory Listing WordPress Theme?

Wilcity is a remarkably intuitive WordPress directory theme, making it an excellent choice for creating a website that is dedicated to showcasing a multitude of listings. This versatile theme offers you the capability to include multiple directories on your website, each catering to various businesses and niches. 

Whether you’re looking to create a comprehensive business directory, a local service listing hub, or any platform that requires organizing and presenting a wide range of listings, Wilcity simplifies the process. Wilcity’s flexibility and intuitive nature make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to build a dynamic and visually appealing online directory.

Key Features of Wilcity – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Wilcity Page Builder

Wilcity is focused with 3 page builders; named King Composer, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder. You are free to use anyone from these three page builders. But one disclaimer – you must keep disabling other page builders like Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, if you like to use King Composer.

Front-end Dashboard

It is now easy to track reviews for the listing owner on their listing from the admin dashboard. Also, they are able to show or hide a review on the dashboard as well. 

User Dashboard

From the User dashboard, listing owners have complete control over their business. They can upgrade plans and execute tests here.

Promote campaigns, respond to communications, and check data on views, likes, shares, and reviews.

Adding Directories To Your Site

Designing directory fields should prioritize visual appeal and user friendliness. You can choose from 15 pre-made fields for structured organization, enhancing user navigation. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom fields, ensuring that your directory caters to unique data needs.

The visual design not only boosts functionality but also improves the user experience, making it easier to access and extract valuable information.

Single Listing Page Customization 

Any types of sections that you want to display on the single listing page, the administrator can design. Moreover, the listing owner can inherit your design as well as redesign it in his personal demands.

Advanced Search Filter

“Near by” field gives it an additional consideration. After entering the location, it will query it and provide responses sorted by distance.

In addition to the “near by” feature, Wilcity has added a ton of amazing fields to the search form, like radius search and search autocomplete.

Advanced Booking System

Wilcity boasts an advanced booking system, empowering businesses in hospitality, tourism, and services to provide online booking services seamlessly on your directory website. This feature allows users to conveniently book appointments, make reservations, and schedule services directly on your site, elevating the user experience significantly.


Paid Listing

  • Listing proprietors pay for their listings on your website.
  • You can design an infinite number of pricing plans using Wilcity.
  • The advantages that each pricing plan provides to listing owners vary.

Promoted Listing

  • choosing a promotion plan
  • proprietors of listings
  • specific areas on your website
  • Beyond the page of search results
  • directories’ presence

Paid Claim Listing 

  • Provide a different income model.
  • Make money from your website’s listings by allowing owners to take ownership of their listings.
  • Charge an amount to list claims.
  • Make money by providing features for premium listings.
  • Provide claimed listings with alternatives for increased exposure and promotion.
  • Increase user interaction and revenue using this model.

Dokan multi-vendor

Clients can add their goods on your website. You may make money by charging a set or % commission for the items.

Reviews & Ratings

You can seamlessly create the rating details for individual directory types with Wilcity. Reviews and ratings provide valuable information to potential consumers or users. They can also offer valuable feedback to businesses and service providers, helping them improve and build trust with their audience.

Price: $69

Wrap Up

In summary, Wilcity is a theme that many webmasters love since it is complete and flexible, making it easier to create and manage listing and directory websites.

Its rich feature set, adaptable settings, and intuitive interface enable users to create and maintain directories for a wide range of businesses and uses with ease. 

Wilcity provides a number of tools and features to make it easy for you to construct a local company directory, a travel website, or any other listing-based platform. It is an invaluable tool for website owners and their users due to its sophisticated search capabilities, flexible design, and integration of user-generated material.