ListingPro is a robust and highly regarded WordPress directory and listing theme designed to empower you in the creation of a fully-featured online directory or listing website. Whether you’re a business looking to showcase your products and services or an individual seeking to put your location on the map, ListingPro offers an extensive array of tools and functionalities to fulfill your needs.

One of ListingPro’s standout qualities is its comprehensive search and filtering options, ensuring that users can effortlessly locate the information they seek. Users can rely on the wealth of user reviews and ratings to make informed decisions, fostering trust and credibility within your online community. Moreover, ListingPro provides the means to generate revenue by offering premium plans for listings. This makes it a versatile solution for entrepreneurs and website administrators.

The user-friendly design of ListingPro presents both site administrators and visitors. This is what really makes it stand out from the competition. Because it makes content maintenance easier and improves the user experience. Business owners and entrepreneurs find it to be a desirable option for building efficient web directories or listing platforms.

This WordPress theme serves as a comprehensive solution for operating a successful directory business. It encompasses all the essential tools and plugins required for your venture. 

Core Features of ListingPro

Lead Form Builder

An easy-to-use drag-and-drop front-end submission (FES) form builder gives you total flexibility and enables you to personalize the development of your whole front-end listing form according to the demands of any business.

Drag & Drop Editors

25+ ListingPro components are now available in Elementor that allow you to customize the design. The WPBakery page builder also supports front-end drag-and-drop.

Multi-Criteria Ratings

Using advanced multi-criteria ratings, administrators may construct their own sets of criteria depending on several categories. Additionally included are global criteria.

Appointment Booking

An integrated appointment booking function that is simple to use for both the owner of the company listing and website visitors, and that can be easily set up by an administrator with just one click. Much more, such as the calendar view.

Admin Dashboard

Get insight into the most critical data points (KPIs) as a directory administrator to keep your directory functioning and expanding like never before.

Event Management

A dedicated event listings page is automatically generated, offering in-depth event information and effortless sharing capabilities. Also, empower business owners to host and promote their events directly from their listings.

Menu Management

Restaurant and service businesses can present the price list of their food items or services. Besides, it creates a dynamically organized menu for their customers to explore.

Claim and verify

The “Claim & Verify” feature on a business listing details page enables users to assert ownership by verifying their status with the site administrator.

GDPR Ready

Complete GDPR compliance is ensured, including the capability to facilitate profile data download and deletion. This ensures adherence to regulations mandating the safeguarding of personal data and privacy for European Union citizens.

Listing Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics with your business listings allows owners to access valuable insights. They can achieve this by inputting the UA code provided by Google Analytics into their dashboard.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & Ratings

Businesses may gain insight into their consumers’ emotions by using the emoji grading system, which is intended to convey visitors’ actual experiences.

Listingpro Extensions

Listingpro Extensions

ListingPro has exclusively built plugins to help elevate your directory to the next level.

An all-in-one solution for running a successful directory business, this WordPress theme includes all the necessary tools and plugins you need. 

ListingPro offers a variety of plugins for diverse niches, including mobile, medical, marketing, payment, SEO, email marketing utility, monetization, payment gateways, booking integration, and more. These plugins are available in both paid and free versions.

Monetization Options

With the help of a number of integrated features it includes Paid Plan Membership, Promote Listings, Paid Claim, Google AdSense, and others. Users of ListingProWP may make money from an online directory or listing website.

Plans and packages in ListingPro let you establish a variety of free and paid plans. And, you can charge users for a period of days, months, or years.

💵Freemium plans

💵Premium plan

💵Pay-Per listing

💵Pay-Per package


💵Change/Upgrade plan

💵Display events calendar in various different styles for visitors

Customization Options

Customization Options

ListingPro provides further customization services if you want a feature or design that is not readily available without any delay. There is a form to fill out to inquire and obtain a free quotation.

What’s More?

ListingPro boasts advanced functionalities like automatic location detection and recurring payment capabilities. It enables effortless location identification and payment management.

What's More?

To cite an example, OpenStreetMap has the default mapping option. Users have a convenient and affordable alternative to Google Maps provided by the open-source community. However, Google Maps is still used for the incorporation of cutting-edge location-based features. This proves the flexibility of these two map services in meeting a wide range of user needs and preferences.

Also, to explore event listings through both list and map views, The Events Calendar showcases an array of distinctive styles. Also, affording visitors the convenience of swiftly filtering and identifying the precise event. This enhances their overall browsing experience.

Another fundamental and interesting feature of it is the social login extension. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the three social networking sites that are integrated and available for free usage in the ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme. Visitors and listing owners can log in using social login without entering their username and password. ⚙️With nextend Social Login, a free WordPress Plugin, ListingPro is integrated. 

Furthermore, it recommends the “Cloudways” hosting provider for ListingProWp.

Whats more?

Not only this, but there are more, like statistics. Because it enables professionals to examine their service listing data, you might also find the data addon handy.

Support & Community

Ticket-Based Help

ListingPro usually provides ticket-based help. Users could submit support requests via the theme’s official website’s online ticketing system. 

Response Time

The ListingPro support team strives to react to support issues in a fair amount of time, frequently within 24-48 hours. However, this might vary depending on the complexity and volume of requests.


ListingPro often supplied detailed documentation, such as step-by-step manuals, video tutorials, and FAQs.

Community Forum

Some themes, such as ListingPro, have a community forum where users can engage, exchange experiences, and seek assistance from other users.

Regular Updates

ListingPro team regularly releases regular updates and patches to solve issues, improve functionality, and assure compatibility with the most recent versions of WordPress.

Premium Support Alternatives

In addition to free support, ListingPro may have provided premium support alternatives, such as priority support or extended support plans, for those who required faster and more dedicated assistance.

Support for problem fixes

Users could report and request assistance with problem fixes linked to the theme. 

Email Support

Email Support

In certain circumstances, consumers may have had the opportunity to contact support via email for more personalized help.

Price: $69

Least But Not The Last


ListingProWP is a comprehensive WordPress directory and listing solution. It offers a seamless user experience without the need for extra paid plugins. It’s an all-in-one turn-key toolset that allows you to effortlessly create, manage, and monetize your online directory. It eliminates the requirement for additional premium plugins. 

With global reach spanning all continents, it adapts to various regions and offers monetization opportunities through premium listings, advertising, and membership subscriptions. In summary, ListingProWP is the ideal choice for building and monetizing your online directory, empowering your ambitions across all continents.