A top-notch online directory enables both you and your visitors to add listings, along with every useful detail about the highlighted institution, to your website. The Listable Directory WordPress Theme is a great example.Additionally, it offers unique fields for effective data storage and user-friendly submission forms.

Having the ability to generate revenue from your listing website is advantageous. Providing price options to users who wish to contribute listings, showing advertisements, or providing chances for sponsored listings are common methods of doing this.

The capacity to sell goods, a visually appealing layout with simple tools for modification, and a mobile-friendly user interface are all important extras to search for in a directory website builder.

Let’s check to determine whether Listable has every feature required for a reputable online listing or directory website.

Rundown Listable

Rundown Listable

From user-friendly interface options to powerful monetization capabilities, Listable takes the hassle out of building and running your directory site. Moreover, it allows you to focus on delivering value to your audience. So, explore the Listable and discover how this theme can transform your directory website aspirations into a profitable and user-friendly reality.


Listable is simple and easy to use but its powerful listing cards system has everything you need to put your plan into action. Consider that each listing can be anything from a place or event to an activity including services. Moreover, you can effortlessly modify various elements within the WordPress customizer, including layout, page aesthetics, highlighted listings, navigation menus, images, color palettes, typography, and more.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

With a few clicks, you may add or change any element in the layout of the single listings page. If you plan to add or remove the map above the content, it will automatically adapt to the new arrangement if you just drag and drop it.

You may quickly and easily modify the front page features and listings arrangement to suit your specific demands.

Including Listings in Your Directory

You can upload high-quality photos to enhance the visual appeal of your website, integrate useful links that connect visitors to other webpages or your social media profiles, establish your business’s physical address and operating hours, and provide any other pertinent information that you deem important for your online presence. 

This versatile tool empowers you to create a website that not only looks appealing but also provides comprehensive and relevant details to your audience.

You may add listings to your website from both the front and back ends with the Listable theme. This implies that whilst your registered visitors may contribute listings using the well-integrated front-end submission forms, admin users and those with the appropriate level of access can add listings through both interfaces.

Advanced Filtering System

Listable-Directory WordPress theme offers multiple filtering options, interactive filtering as well as seamless management so that the users and the visitors can find what they are actually surveying for.

Modify Your Style

Select from Listable collection of elegantly crafted Style Presets, or craft your unique style by adjusting fonts and colors. Witness real-time reflections of these changes for quicker and more informed decisions. Customize the look and features of your site effortlessly, no coding skills or developers required.

Monetize Your Website

Although the WP Job Manager plugin powers a large portion of the Listable theme’s directory functionality, you may install a number of additional add-ons. The ability to charge users for adding listings to your website is one of the features that these extensions will provide. This gives you the ability to make your online directory a source of income that benefits your target audience as well as making money.

Good SEO techniques you can rely on

The significance of Google ranking extends across various dimensions, impacting your online presence in multiple ways. It not only elevates your position in the big league of search results but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining that prominent position over time. Listable thoroughly searches into all the responsible and effective SEO practices that serve as the foundation for a powerful and enduring start in the online realm. 

Fast loading speeds

Listable will not only achieve an appealing design but also the optimal speed that your website truly deserves. This is why listable has dedicated extra attention to ensuring that every essential aspect is taken care of to make your site run faster and smoother than ever before.


Its adaptable design satisfies the needs of mobile devices and makes sure that everything functions smoothly and effectively. Your content is now undoubtedly in the spotlight, where it belongs.

Easy translation

Many cultures can appreciate your narratives if you create space for them. The WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) works well with this theme. Furthermore, it makes them fully compatible.

Price: $89


It’s encouraging to discover that Listable’s attractive design is supported with a wealth of useful functionality.You have an intuitive interface for posting your directory material and the flexibility to add new features as and when needed, all because you opted to utilize the WordPress Job Manager plugin to handle the listings.

You have a lot of options to personalize the design of your website even though the Listable sample version looks fantastic because of the high quality of support for the customizer tool and the widgetized homepage.