Within the world of directory websites and classified advertisements, Classiads is an easy-to-use and feature-rich platform that caters to the various requirements of those looking to establish a strong online marketplace.

Explore the versatility and aesthetic richness of Classiads, a Classified Ads WordPress theme that consolidates an array of incredible tools and features into one cohesive platform. Its standout attribute is the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, which empowers you to craft layouts from scratch. Transition seamlessly to the full version of Classiads, where you take charge of designing your ads.

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Outline of Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Elementor & Visual Composer Page Builder

Elementor is recognized as the leading WordPress website builder worldwide. Employ this dynamic drag-and-drop editor not just for typical pages like the homepage and contact page but also for specific templates such as single listings, search results, user profiles, and blog posts to realize your ideal website. Tailor the search form effortlessly by integrating custom fields, encompassing default search keyword suggestions, category choices, and location options, all adjustable to suit your design preferences.

Unlimited Custom Content Field

Classiads makes it simple to integrate an unlimited number of custom content fields into your website. This functionality enables users to effortlessly input the information and data they need in listings, including within the search form.

Fast Loading & Highly Optimized

Efficient and streamlined coding ensures swift loading, promoting Google-friendly performance. Rigorously tested with prominent Cache Plugins, achieving a commendable score on multiple website speed testing tools. It includes Google Page Speed, is feasible by implementing appropriate configurations and content.

Advanced Payment System

Utilize the power of cutting-edge technology to integrate a variety of unique content fields, conduct searches with ease, and receive insightful keyword suggestions. This sophisticated method not only improves search efficiency and precision but also makes it possible to explore a wider range of content alternatives in a more customized and thorough manner.

Multiple Mapping Sources

ClassiAds presents an adaptable mapping resource that integrates Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, assisting users in discovering the services they are looking for.

Front-End Dashboard

Classiads presents an adaptable mapping resource that integrates Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, assisting users in discovering the services they are looking for.

Easy Earn Integration

  1. Users adds a listing

Users input a listing by filling out a form and furnishing all the requisite details.

  1. Selects a package

Individuals have the choice to acquire a promotional service for enhancing the visibility of their listings on your platform.

  1. Checkout

Develop a friendly and accommodating checkout process by offering a variety of flexible payment options, aiming to optimize the conversion of visitors into customers.

  1. Increase your profit

Automatic earnings provide you with greater financial independence.


Earn money by submitting listings, which depend on the package chosen, customization, or display fields. Also, you can offer special bundles for every type of listing and make the claimed listings monetizable.

By offering promotion packages, PROMOTED LISTINGS allow users to push their listings to the top of search results. The priority levels of each promotion package might vary.

Classiads seamlessly integrates with PayPal and Google Checkout, eliminating the need for complex coding or integrations.

Other Key Features of Classiads

  • Save & Bookmark
  • Add To Custom Locations
  • Live Chat Seller And Buyer
  • Display business hours of any type of listings 
  • Child Theme Supported
  • Custom Email Author Contact Form

Price: $49


To sum up, the efficiency of the Classiads WordPress theme is contingent upon the individual requirements of the user. It has the potential to be a useful appliance for the developing and running websites with classified advertisements. Also, provides it keeps offering an easy-to-use interface, adaptable features, and excellent support. When considering if Classiads are a good fit for their projects, users should take into account things like responsiveness, customization possibilities, ease of use, and continuing support.

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