AdForest stands out as a premier Classified ads WordPress Theme, celebrated for its exceptional frontend user interface and extensive customizability. With a focus on user convenience, the theme incorporates an ad ratings and reviews system, enabling users to make informed choices. The addition of advanced search functionalities, multiple homepage options, and Google map integration with radius search further enhance the user experience by allowing them to locate items in close proximity. You are nowgoing to get an overview post of AdForest – Classified Ads WordPress Theme.

This theme boasts a robust user management system, enabling administrators to oversee user profiles and moderate user-generated content such as comments and reviews. Additionally, AdForest is fully translatable and supports multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity. Supporting various currencies and providing seamless WooCommerce integration for straightforward payments, this theme also incorporates an advanced search sidebar for an enriched user search experience.

So let’s explore its all exclusive features.

Core Features Of AdForest

Drag & Drop Search Widget

A standout feature that truly enhances user customization is the seamless drag-and-drop capability, allowing individuals to easily place search widgets wherever they desire on the search page. 

Furthermore, the system offers an advanced level of personalization by enabling users to apply specific search filters that are tailored to the distinct categories they are exploring. This ensures a highly adaptable and user-centric search experience, where individuals have the flexibility to arrange and refine their search interface according to their unique preferences and requirements.

Search and AdPost Form Fields 

Search and AdPost Form Fields 

Adforest provides category-specific templates if you would want to customize your form. These templates allow you to add form fields easily based on the category you have selected.

Messaging System

This excellent ad feature incorporates a thorough live chat or message system, ensuring seamless communication between users and allowing them to conveniently monitor their message history. Take advantage of the Live Chat option through the WhizzChat Chat Plugin.

Radius Search Integrated

Radius Search Integrated

The new feature allows users to find their ads by selecting a custom location, using auto-location, or indicating a radius in kilometers.

Easy Monetization


Create any popular classified ads like websites and start earning specially into 4 ways–

Commission system:

  • Grant you a totally customizable marketplace solution to drive growth at every stage of your business

Selling packages:

  • Create your own packages and decide what to include and what will be the price
  • Access to use category based price or monthly packages

Google ads:

  • Apply Adsense on home pages
  • Specific slots for search and taxonomy pages
  • Details pages and sidebars
  • Banner ads or Google Adsense both supported

Promoted ads:

  • Bump Up Ads
  • Promoted to featured ads
  • Show on Top of the ads
  • Display on home page sections

Comprehensive RTL Support

RTL Support

AdForest offers a range of versatile and potent features, along with support for RTL (right-to-left) languages. If you are seeking themes that are feature-rich and encompass everything you need, AdForest stands out as the optimal choice for you.

Paid and Free Membership


Adforest themes offer users both free and paid membership options, allowing individuals to select the membership plan that aligns best with their preferences.

Google GeoLocation

Google GeoLocation

You can find out where your website visitors come from and learn more about them. This helps you understand your audience better, so you can make your website content or services better suited to different areas or groups of people.

WooCommerce Gateways

Adforest facilitates seamless transactions for customers by incorporating WooCommerce Gateways and allowing them the flexibility to acquire packages through a diverse array of more than 80 payment gateways. 

This extensive range of options ensures that users can choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and convenience, enhancing the overall user experience and making the purchasing process more accessible and user-friendly.

Price: $69

Wrap Up

To sum up, AdForest offers a variety of solutions to improve the operation of websites that post classified advertisements, in addition to a smooth and user-friendly experience. With features like adjustable search filters and drag-and-drop search widgets, AdForest guarantees a dynamic and customized approach to online advertising. AdForest is a robust theme for WordPress classified advertisements that supports a thriving online marketplace ecology, making it a great choice for both website administrators and users seeking a simple and flexible platform.