Are you searching for a way to create a professional website with an attractive theme, but unsure which one best meets your criteria? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right theme from a crowded market can be confusing, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll explore two excellent directory themes and make a clear comparison named Listingpro and Geoirectory.

By 2026, the worldwide CMS market is expected to be approximately $123.5 billion. Over 73 million websites on the internet utilize a content management system.

WordPress powers 63.0% of all websites using a content management system that we are aware of. This represents 43.1% of all webpages.

However, this article will look at ListingPro vs. GeoDirectory in a head-to-head comparison to see what the similarities and differences are between these two WordPress directory plugins.

A short trial for ListingPro & GeoDirectory WordPress Directory Plugin



ListingPro is an enormous and appreciated WordPress directory and listing theme. It is intended to build a feature-rich online directory or listing website that allows businesses and people to easily promote their products, services, or locations. ListingPro has a plethora of features, such as comprehensive search and filtering options, user reviews and ratings, and the possibility to monetize listings via premium plans. It has an easy-to-use interface for both site administrators and visitors, making it a popular choice for business owners and entrepreneurs wishing to build effective online directories or listing platforms. 

ListingPro is a flexible solution for creating directory and listing websites in a variety of sectors, thanks to its adjustable appearance and vast features.



GeoDirectory is a sophisticated WordPress location-based directory and listing plugin. It offers a full solution for developing, managing, and presenting directories of business, places of interest, events, and other directories. Users may quickly add and edit listings, organize material by categories and regions, and integrate maps and sophisticated search capability with GeoDirectory. It provides both free and paid capabilities, making it an adaptable platform for creating local company directories, travel guides, event directories, and a variety of other location-focused websites. 

The versatility and extensibility of GeoDirectory make it a popular choice for anyone wanting to build dynamic and engaging directory-based websites on the WordPress platform. 

Comparison between ListingPro & GeoDirectory

Comparison at Add-on

ListingPro offers you 13 paid add-ons so that your website looks stunning by using them. These add-ons help your users in their different purposes of the website. Beside, there are also 10 free add-ons that you will find. 

On the other hand, GeoDirectory provides more than 20 paid add-ons to build your demandable website with a smooth effort. And, it  also has 4 free resourceful add-ons to use.

Theme Demos

ListingPro affords over 12 themes to fit their various niches and additionally, these themes have been clearly distinguished from visulas to the rest of the elements. 

In contrast, Geodirectory has a total of 8 themes to build your multipurpose websites. Among them, there are 3 themes you can create your directory websites with zero cost.

Flexibility Comparison


  • Advanced Search: The GeoDirectory Advanced Search Add-on enhances the default GeoDirectory search widget by introducing a variety of filters, including a search autocompleter, geolocation, and proximity search radius.
  • Integrated CRM: ListingPro’s CRM allows you to efficiently manage your leads and contacts by enabling you to add notes, monitor their interactions with you, and establish follow-up tasks.
  • Drag & Drop Functionality: Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder is compatible with ListingPro. It has a number of Visual Composer components like Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc. that may be utilized on the Non-Directory listing page.
  • Spam Protection: Protect all your forms from spam with Google recaptcha


  • 40+ Widgets, Shortcodes, and Blocks: Display Maps, Categories, Listings, Recently Viewed, Business Hours, Reviews, Add Listings, Search Form, and more!
  • Customize Without Coding: Effortlessly modify the appearance of listings, searches, and individual listings; incorporate, customize, or delete elements using shortcodes, widgets, or blocks.
  • Frontend Listing Addition: Empower users to add and revise their listings through our user-friendly frontend form.
  • Drag & Drop Functionality: You’ll want to modify your website template. WPBakery’s page builder lets you easily customize your theme with drag-and-drop. 

Conversation rates

ListingPro provides data on income, conversion rates, and the efficacy of different pricing schemes for directories that offer paid listings or adverts. This is critical for directory administrators who want to monetize their directory.

As opposed to, if your directory has paid listings or other premium services, GeoDirectory can assist you in tracking conversion rates in order to assess the efficiency of your monetization methods.

Map Style

In the ListingProWP, OpenStreetMaps-a freely available alternative to Google Maps, is currently set as the default map option with Google Maps only necessary for advanced location features.

By using the core GeoDirectory capability, your visitors may zoom into the map and click on the markers to access the listing information. You have access to various modification options for the map’s presentation if you install the paid Custom Map Styles add-on. However, GeoDirectory has decent Google Maps integration in its free edition as well.

Monetizing and Plans & Packages comparison

ListingProWP enables users to monetize an online directory or listing website through a range of built-in features, such as Paid Plan Membership, Promote Listings, Paid Claim, Google AdSense, and more.

💲 ListingPro plans and packages:

It allows you to create a lot of free and paid plans and charge members for a number of days, months, and years.

  • Freemium plans
  • Premium plan
  • Pay-Per listing
  • Pay-Per package
  • Auto-Recurring
  • Change/Upgrade plan
  • Display events calendar in various different styles for visitors

In contrast to that, GeoDirectory allows you to design a pricing package for monetization that offers specific features corresponding to the selected price point. This package enhances the ranking position of featured listings while also controlling or restricting fields, pricing options, categories, and tag quantities. 

  • Download all of its add-ons 
  • Receive premium support
  • Get auto-updates 
  • Download any new products released for the corresponding period of time: 4, 6 or 12 months

Payment Gateways Support

ListingProWp is integrated with the 10 most popular Payment Gateways covering the entire globe. Stripe, PayPal, 2 Checkout and Direct Transfer (BACS). Additionally free and paid add-ons are also available including PayFast, PayStack, Mollie, Razorpay, etc.

In GeoDirectory, PayPal is a supported payment option, and Stripe serves as an alternative method that should be compatible with most credit and debit cards globally.


* ListingPro – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme: $69

* GeoDirectory Membership Programme: Single site – $39

  • unchecked4 months of access (unlimited websites) – $115
  • unchecked12 months of access (unlimited websites) – $229
  • uncheckedLifetime access (100 websites) – $1145

Pros & Cons

➡️ ListingProWp


✅ Excellent experience with the product

✅ Seamless setup for a listing directory website in WordPress

✅ Smooth operation with almost all features working flawlessly

✅ Significant value in specific niches, boosting success chances by 10-fold

✅ Versatile product with useful features

✅ Exceptional customer support

✅ Contributing to various communities with growing site recognition

✅ Expectations of profitability by year-end

✅ Gratitude for a fantastic product


❎ Fake submissions can be removed, but pictures linger as an issue.

❎ The product’s speed is disappointingly slow.

❎ Extensive CSS customization is needed for spacing, margins, and padding.

❎ The design feels outdated, resembling the 1980s.

❎ Comprehensive training resources are lacking.

❎ Essential modifications can’t be implemented, which is frustrating.

❎ Poorly implemented features hinder working with multiple languages and strain server resources.

➡️ GeoDirectory


✅ No cost core plugin

✅ Numerous helpful add-ons, both free and premium

✅ Strong collection of capabilities

✅ Good variety of related subjects

✅ Very adaptable


❎ Some people might like a theme and plugin combination that works with all directories.

❎ Depending on your demands, the price of purchased add-ons might become prohibitive.

❎ A few of the ideas don’t seem particularly contemporary.

User Reviews and ratings

ListingPro keeps track of the amount of user reviews and ratings for each listing. This is extremely important for sustaining the quality of listings and consumer-generated content.

ListingPro Reviews

Conversely, GeoDirectory can give information on user-generated reviews and ratings and allow you to evaluate the quality of listings and user happiness.

GeoDirectory reviews



Ticket-Based Help:

ListingPro usually provides ticket-based help. Users could submit support requests via the theme’s official website’s online ticketing system. 

Response Time:

The ListingPro support team strives to react to support issues in a fair amount of time, frequently within 24-48 hours; however, this might vary depending on the complexity and volume of requests.


ListingPro often supplied detailed documentation, such as step-by-step manuals, video tutorials, and FAQs.

Community Forum:

Some themes, such as ListingPro, have a community forum where users can engage, exchange experiences, and seek assistance from other users.

Regular Updates:

ListingPro team regularly releases regular updates and patches to solve issues, improve functionality, and assure compatibility with the most recent versions of WordPress. 

Premium Support Alternatives:

In addition to free support, ListingPro may have provided premium support alternatives, such as priority support or extended support plans, for those who required faster and more dedicated assistance.

Support for problem fixes:

Users could report and request assistance with problem fixes linked to the theme. 

Email Support:

In certain circumstances, consumers may have had the opportunity to contact support via email for more personalized help.



GeoDirectory includes substantial documentation that covers a wide range of subjects, from installation and configuration to sophisticated customization. 

User Forums:

It frequently hosts user forums or community discussion boards where users may seek support, exchange experiences, and interact with other plugin users.

Email Support:

Many GeoDirectory customers can contact email support for more personalized help including a support ticket system, where users may submit their complaints or queries. Also, the GeoDirectory support team answers via email. 

Live Chat:

This feature allows customers to chat with support staff in real-time for instant assistance with their questions or difficulties.

Video Tutorials:

Some GeoDirectory versions provide video tutorials that walk users through various parts of the plugin’s setup and functionalities.

Community and Social Media:

It is frequently present on social media platforms and communities such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Knowledge Base:

GeoDirectory’s support system may contain a knowledge base or FAQ part that answers commonly asked questions and gives solutions to common problems.

Premium Support Plans:

GeoDirectory may provide premium support plans to users that demand more devoted and speedier assistance.

Choosing the Right Directory Theme: ListingPro Or GeoDirectory?

According to this entire article, you will get a clear concept and a neutral comparison between these two heavyweight WordPress Directory Plugins. I have tried to represent  each and individual features and the amenities of ListingPro and GeoDirectory but it depends on your needs and your target.

ListingPro is a well-known WordPress theme for building online directory and listing websites. listingPro is widely recognized for its extensive range of features and capabilities that suit all sorts of directory websites, notably those that focus on company, service, property, or any other item listings. 

GeoDirectory is not a theme but rather a robust directory and listing plugin for WordPress. It enables you to develop location-based directories such as company directories, event directories, or any other form of listing. While GeoDirectory is not a theme, it is frequently used in conjunction with WordPress themes to create directory websites. 

ListingPro distinguishes itself with a robust feature set and a contemporary, user-friendly design. It offers a smooth user experience with powerful search and filtering capabilities, as well as a number of monetization techniques. 

GeoDirectory, on the other hand, appears in terms of mapping and location-based capabilities, making it a great choice for directory websites that rely significantly on geographical data. Its power resides in its geolocation features and interaction with maps. 

Finally, the decision between ListingPro and GeoDirectory should be guided by your individual project needs. ListingPro is a good choice if you want a lot of functionality and a contemporary style. GeoDirectory may be a better alternative if your directory primarily relies on geolocation and mapping.