Petfinder is an online platform and smartphone application designed to help people find and adopt pets in need of shelter. It is one of the first online reserves of its kind and has since played a crucial part in the adoption of countless pets. Petfinder is a commercial enterprise; founded on July 31, 1996. Today, in this article, I will help you to create parallel Website to Petfinder; named Petslist.

Petfinder website

Petfinder retains their primary goal of connecting homeless pets with loving and responsible adopters. Its aim is to reduce pet overpopulation and increase pet adoption rates by providing a user-friendly platform where adoptable animals can be easily found by potential adopters.

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On the Petfinder website, your users can search for adoptable pets by location, species (such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and more), breed, age, size, and other criteria. Each pet listing includes information about the animal’s personality, medical history, vaccination status, and adoption fees.

Utilizing Open Source Tools

When creating a website with open-source tools like WordPress, you often start with a ready-made theme that includes the features you want. If the theme doesn’t have all the functions you need, you can enhance them by adding plugins. This approach is cost-effective and time-saving, as it eliminates the need for custom development. Perhaps the most significant advantage is that you can launch a website without any coding skills.

Proceed with the process of creating website similar to Petfinder

1.Choose a Domain Name:

First thing first! You need to choose and select a domain name when you plan to create your own website. Your selected domain name should effectively represent your brand and strive to be as unforgettable to your users as can be. 

It is the component of a web address that identifies the owner of the website. Following that, you must select an extension to append to your domain name, such as “.com,” or one that aligns with your specific country. For example “.bd” is for Bangladesh, “.au” is for Australia etc. Pick for a country-specific domain extension will restrict your user base to individuals from that specific country. 

So, registration of your domain name is the afterward action and extending your domain name through a domain registrar. Some well-known companies for this are Godaddy, DreamHost, and HostGator, among others. 

2.Choose Hosting Plan:

Web hosting companies offer backup services to help you recover lost data or restore your entire website if needed. Opting for a hosting service optimized for WordPress is a wise decision because it comes with a pre-installed WordPress setup. Additionally, such services enhance your site’s speed and security, and they may even include complimentary backup plans.

Choose a Hosting Plan

Hostinger provides different options for plans, allowing you to pick the one that suits your requirements the most. If you require constant support throughout the day and night, you should confirm that your hosting service offers this feature. Reviewing feedback about their support services can help you determine if it’s worth your consideration.

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3.Embrace the Power of WordPress: Your Ultimate Content Management Solution   

WordPress provides access to numerous features that are not approachable through other platforms. To access these features, one simply needs to navigate to a search engine such as Google and perform a search for or

4.Selection and Installation a Theme 

Petslist-Pet listing WordPress Theme

The Petslist – Pet listing WordPress Theme is a special type of design for websites that are all about advertising pets and things that have to do with them. It design makes Petslist easy for people and businesses to put up information about pets they want to sell, give away, or other things related to pets to create parallel Website to Petfinder.

*** For smooth understanding, watch Petslist Video Tutorial 

After finishing the installation, here is a short look at how you can create your pet category, location, and the listing type by The Petslist Theme.

Create pet Category

Petslist already has multiple pet categories for creating individually. Despite these ready-made categories, you can further create your own desired categories.

How to create Pet categories


If you want to add any location based on your place, area as well as based on any specific country, petslist theme may be your preferred one. This is how you can add the location.

How to create Location

Listing type

Petslist presents you 4 types of listings but if you want to add more types like “lost and found” or anything like that.

how to create Listing type

Speciality of Petslist

Petslist comes with multiple homepages to create similar website. Also, you will get 5 Headers variations with 2 Footer variations. There are two Ads view Grid and two Ads view List. The Drag & Drop Page Builder-Elementor makes this theme SEO friendly. Furthermore, Petslist has unlimited color combinations. Additionally, it is RTL supported.

Core Features:Petslist website

Least but not the last, Petslist has some great ads features for your better experiences.  Custom Fields Display in List View, Custom Fields in Search Filter, Category & Location, AJAX Filter, AJAX autocomplete Search, Google Map with API are the one of them. Also, there are Top, Bump up & Featured ads options with review & rating.

5.User Dashboard

It is an important criteria to create parallel Website to Petfinder. With Petslist, front end users have their own dashboard on the website. Once they log in, they can easily do several things with their ads. They can create new ads, edit existing ones, boost a particular ad, view their favourite ads, check their payments, or delete an ad whenever they want.

Furthermore, The Classified Listing premium plugin provides a variety of features, and even more than that. Instead of buying the plugin separately, you can obtain Petslist, which includes the plugin without any additional charges to create similar website.

Classified Plugins:Petslist website

6.Integrate Products & Services

To create parallel Website to Petfinder where people can put up, look for, and talk about ads for pets, Petslist is a special kind of template for WordPress. It’s really useful for those who want to make websites for people who love pets, people who breed pets, pet services, and places that take care of animals. In easy words, there are options to choose and select the keywords, types, categories, and locations from its fields, price range, radius, age, gender etc. in its listing page. 

Listing page:Petslist website

7.Monetize Your Website

If you want to make money, there’s a single ad promotion feature in Petslist, which includes options like making an ad a top ad, bumping it up, or featuring it. Additionally, there’s a store where users can buy things, and there’s a membership option for that store. Thus Petslist ensures you an another way to create parallel Website to Petfinder.

Multiple Ad Types Features: Petslist website

Your users can easily create various kinds of advertisements, such as those for buying, selling, trading, job listings, and property rentals. The administration can manage the types of advertisements available. For this, you can get its amazing pricing plan.

Pricing plan: Petslist website

Last Notes

Petslist is such an incredible WordPress theme that will give your website a premium and highly useful thought. If you desire to enjoy the same well-organized features and monetization options as Petfinder, then Petslist is unquestionably an excellent choice for your selection.

Taking all aspects into consideration, it can be confidently stated that Petslist will not let you down when it comes to creating your desired pet website. It stands as a significant contender among pet websites. Evenmore, if you want to make any another classified WordPress related websites I can suggest you to look through Best Classified WordPress Themes.