With the growth of the internet, classified advertising has become much more accessible and widely available through online platforms. Websites are great to cite an example. By enabling users to effortlessly navigate and skip advertisements, conventional print media’s limitations are no longer an obstacle to reaching a larger audience. Facilitating consumers’ search for content or connecting them with those people who have similar interests is the essence of user-friendly design. This is the only ambition of today’s step by step guideline for creating Classified Ads Website to generate income.

Indeed, specialized skills are a must-have necessity for anyone looking to create any form of classified website. But, do not worry, this does not mean to scare you about the insufficient knowledge of website creation. This thorough tutorial will surprisingly help you on using WordPress to build a classifieds website.

So, hold your attention for the following 8 simple steps. 

Configuring the WordPress atmosphere

Step 1: Choose A Suitable Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is the first step in building your classified advertisements website. A domain name should accurately and completely represent your brand. Additionally, you should make it as easy as possible for your consumers to adjust. 

Afterwards, you should decide what extension to add to your domain name. Examples include “.com” and extensions that are exclusive to your nation. The United Kingdom’s “.uk” and Bangladesh’s “.bd” are two examples. By selecting a country-specific extension, you essentially restrict access to your website to those who live in that nation. 

An online host or domain registrar, like DreamHost, NameCheap, HostGator, and Bluehost, among others, is where you register a domain name and extension once you have one.

Step 2: Time To Choose A Web Host & A Plan for Web Hosting

Everyone is unable to emphasize how important having a trustworthy host is. A web host’s selection may be the difference between the future success of your complete website and its downfall. A top-notch host will present you a variety of hosting plan options so you may select the one that best meets your requirements.

24/7 support is one of the most important things to take into account when selecting a host. You may check internet reviews to determine whether a particular host offers excellent assistance and other wonderful attributes.

Site backups are only one of the many site management features that a web host can assist you with. You may quickly retrieve any lost content from your website by using the host backups to restore the complete site.

Choose a hosting service that is specifically designed for WordPress if you want to get the most out of it. This signifies that the service comes with WordPress pre-installed. Furthermore, your website is optimized for speed and security, and it may include free backup plans.

Step 3: Decide on WordPress according to your CMS

WordPress powers more than one-third of all websites on the internet. This demonstrates why it is the most widely used site -building platform on the Internet. 

Several factors contribute to this popularity, including:

  • Inclusion of Gutenberg, a free block builder that provides a drag & drop interface for page construction upon installation
  • Free download availability
  • Abundance of templates, themes, plugins, addons, and extensions, enhancing functionality and user-friendliness
  • Ease of use, supported by a vast network
  • Themes and plugins come with their own support networks
  • High SEO friendliness, facilitating the use of relevant WordPress plugins to improve site ranking in search engines

WordPress is the only option if you would prefer to use some outstanding features. All you have to do is type WordPress.com or WordPress.org into your choice search engine, like Google. It’s extremely simple to complete the remaining steps.  

Step 4: Choose And Install A Theme

A classifieds theme is the most straightforward approach to customize and define your classified website. Deciding which is the greatest of the collection is difficult, even when there are a lot of them accessible online for WordPress blogs.

After considering all the factors that might influence your decision, we have determined that Classima is the theme that would fulfill all of your needs. After thoroughly evaluating all the grounds influencing your choice of a theme, this article has selected one that encompasses all your requirements: CLClassified – Free Classified Ads WordPress Theme.

CL Classified

This free CLClassified is the greatest WordPress theme for classified listings and business directories allows you to build websites with classified advertisements.  With bump up and top advertisements, you may use it to promote single ads and make money. You may also sell products on your website and subscriptions for your categories with the theme’s store feature. PayPal and offline payment gateways are among the choices offered by CLClassified.

It is supported by Gutenberg WordPress’s block editor, which allows you to personalize your pages effortlessly through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface including grid and list list views.

CL Classified

You create unlimited custom fields and set them category-wise. With or without coding experience, to own a fantastic classified ads WordPress website, CLClassified—Free Classified Ads WordPress Theme makes it easy for users convenience. 

In addition, to make it further simple for your users to get categories and listings, you will receive Ajax filters and autocomplete search capabilities. After logging in, there’s one more surprising feature like posting new ones, modifying existing ones, promoting one, checking your preferred ads, seeing payments, and deleting ads at any moment.

During the WordPress setup process for your classified advertising website, you may improve user engagement by adding a contact form to the Listing Detail Page with this CLClassified – Free Classified Ads WordPress Theme. You have complete control over the visual appearance of each listing by adding an image count limit.

For your convenience, you can follow these several steps that we have provided below:

Firstly, you need to purchase this theme and then Download it. Here are the steps how to do it:

Go for Free Theme

Classified Listing

This is  CLClassified – Free Classified Ads WordPress Theme, Click on “Purchase”

CL Classified

To start downloading, it is essential to do a few formalities for your privacy concern like your full name-first & last, and the email address.

Then Click “Download” and get a Zip file from there.

You will be given an Email from Radius Theme which takes you through a link.

When you are done, go to the Appearance of your Dashboard ➡ Theme 

Then, Add New ➡ Upload Theme

Upload Theme ➡ Choose File (choose exact Zip file while purchasing)

And then, install it.

After installing, Click “Activate” 

It will require you a list of Plugins to further go ahead. 

Before this, it seeks you the License Key, so check that given Email from ‘Radius Theme And receive License key.

Next, look forward to “Begin installing plugins” and click it for the following step. 

It will show you several plugins. What you should do is you will select all these plugins together and click these for installing.

After this step, you can see the interface and click to ‘Return to Required Plugin installer’.

And then, you will see the RT Demo Importer there. Install this Demo Content.

Next select these Demo Contents and click to Active them together. 

After the Demo contents’ activation, your plugins are successfully activated.

Now, it is time to return to the “Dashboard” ➡ go to the “RT Demo Importer” ➡ click “Install Demo Contents”

Here is your desired Demo of “CLClassified-Free Classified Ads WordPress Theme”. Now install it.

CL Classified
CL Classified

This is the appearance of the CLClassified.

CL Classified

But for creating your website, you must select your location, make your products or service categories, and make your listing type according to your purpose. 

So let’s first make a “Category” for the website. Category defines which group you want to add further like watch, electronics, business and services, medical equipment and many more. Thus you can create another category for your needs. Look at this step:

CL Classified

Next add your preferred “location” for your website users.

CL Classfied

There are two types of location you can add. One is Parent location, the other one is Sub location under the Parent location. You can add numerous sub locations there.

CL Classfied

Next step is the “Listing Type”. This is about sell, buy, exchange, to-let, job or many more. But if you don’t want these mentioned listing types, you can create another one yourself as your demand.

CL Classfied

When your category, location, listing types creation and customizations are done, go for “Add New” for making your website synchronously. Then save it.

CL Classfied

And, get this finally over here.

CL Classfied

Step 5: Scale up your Classified Listing Plugin with Pro version

With capabilities for all business directories and classified listings, Classified Listing Pro is a great plugin. It provides several ways to make money, such as subscription plans and advertising programs. Options for ad promotion, such as top, featured, and bump-up advertising, are available to users.

Classified Listing Pro

A live chat function in Classified Listing Pro facilitates easy communication between buyers and sellers. Several gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, WooCommerce, Razorpay (addon), and Offline Payment, are available for users and buyers to utilize to make purchases.

This plugin provides more than 17 Elementor addons, including grid and list list views.

17 Elementor addons

It gives you the option to use OpenStreetMap or Google Maps for showcasing maps on ad listings. You have the ability to deal with search popups, AJAX autocomplete and autosuggest, Radius search (ads nearby), Google location, and database location while using the Classified Listing Pro search tools. Create as many custom fields as you’d like and assign them to categories with this plugin.

Classified Listing Pro not only offers extensive customization but also supports ratings and reviews, aiding customers in making informed decisions about listings. The integration of the Google reCAPTCHA service ensures a spam-free environment.

Step 6: Modify Your Demo Content Of Classified Website

With CLClassified, you have complete control over how your website looks. This WordPress theme for classified advertising makes it easier to utilize Gutenberg, WordPress’s block editor, so you can use a drag-and-drop interface to personalize your pages. You are able to tailor the color of your brand to every part of your website by using CLClassified’s infinite color options.

WordPress Live Customizer is compatible with CLClassified. You may get live previews of your work in addition to being able to alter theme choices in real-time. For saving your time and effort, CLClassified provides samples of prefabricated pages and other site pieces. To apply your preferred demo to your website, just utilize the One-Click Demo Importer.

Step 7: Profitability Of Your Website

Our platform offers a selection of default payment gateways, including offline payments, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Razorpay, as an add-on. If you require a different payment gateway, we also provide seamless integration with WooCommerce, giving you the flexibility to choose and incorporate additional payment options that align with your preferences and cater to a broader user base. The available options, such as PayPal, Offline Payment, Authorize.Net, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Razorpay, ensure a diverse and accommodating payment ecosystem for your users. 

Another notable method of earning is the subscription payment model. It involves customers making periodic payments, usually monthly or annually, to secure continuous access to a specific product or service. This method not only ensures a consistent and predictable revenue stream for businesses but also grants customers continual access to the subscribed offerings.

  It involves customers making periodic payments, usually, monthly or annually, to securely contain access to a specific product or service. This method does not only access the subscribed offerings. 

Another notable way of earning is the subscription method. This way predictable revenue stream for business but also grants customers continual access to the subscribed offerings. 

Step 8: Advertise Your Classified Ads Website

After setting up your classified ads website, it’s crucial to maximize its visibility to attract a broad audience. One effective method is leveraging Google AdWords. This allows you to connect with users interested in your content through different types of ads.

While investing in AdWords may require some spending, the returns often make it a worthwhile investment. For those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, consider utilizing social media platform advertisements, along with optimizing your content for search engines (SEO). These strategies can enhance your site’s visibility without putting as much strain on your budget.

Final Statements

Creating and advertising a website might appear difficult without proper resources. This manual, on the other hand, should be as good a place to start as any. If you follow the directions, you should find that creating and managing your site is a piece of cake. 

This is the right time to begin!