The robust and adaptable MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme is intended to enable people and companies to build extensive and feature-rich online directories and listing websites. MyListing makes it simple to highlight a range of items, from companies and services to job listings and real estate, according to its user-friendly design and extensive customization possibilities. 

MyListing offers the resources and adaptability to realize your goal, whether it’s to start a local directory, job board, or international marketplace. Unlock the potential to link people with the services and information they seek by learning about the limitless possibilities of MyListing.

In summary, the best part? No unexpected expenses for premium plugins to enable demo features. This is how it should be. These developers truly understand what users need and are setting high standards for other WordPress theme authors. 

Let’s explore the benefits and the features of the MyListing directory & listing WordPress theme. 

Getting Started with MyListing

For a variety of directory services, the MyListing theme provides a comprehensive solution. Here are the principal advantages of utilizing the MyListing theme in comparison to competing products:

  • Make use of a variety of custom fields designed for distinct categories.
  • Use sophisticated custom fields that come with a variety of field kinds.
  • Use Elementor Pro to customize your header and footer.
  • Enjoy a theme that is incredibly versatile, complete with thorough documentation and pre-made code snippets for both vendors and users.
  • Take advantage of fully flexible themes and layouts that let you list about anything you can think of.
  • Reach out to a knowledgeable and helpful support forum for fast assistance.

Key Features of MyListing

Elementor Page Builder

MyListing is a WordPress theme designed for creating directory and listing websites like never before. It leverages the robust Elementor front-end page builder, allowing you to easily create pages with over 50 drag-and-drop elements, all of which are user-friendly and customizable, requiring no coding expertise.

Innovative Listing Type Generator

You will probably want each listing to have a unique look, feel, and feature set if you are creating a business, an event, or any kind of directory. Its advanced listing type generator allows you to accomplish just that. You can choose from more than 20 pre-made fields and create as many custom fields as you need to meet your needs. In addition, each listing can have its own products that can be bought, function as an event platform, have forms that allow users to interact with it, collect reviews and comments, and have special custom tabs for added flexibility.

Magnificent Explore Pages and Customization options

With the flexibility to fully modify filters to meet a wide range of needs and preferences, this comprehensive solution provides a smooth Ajax filtering experience. It ensures an enhanced mapping experience by offering a choice between two prominent map providers in the industry: Mapbox and Google Maps. 

Select from four pre-made explore page templates and over 10 Google Maps or Mapbox skins, with the option to add your own custom skins. Enjoy seamless integration with OpenStreetMap and custom tile support. The explore widget offers two pagination options: “Paged” and “Load More/Infinite Scroll” pagination.

Users may find relevant postings nearby with ease because of location-based search and proximity capabilities. Additionally, the geolocation features make it possible to locate certain places with accuracy, which enhances the usability of the search process. The addition of nearby listings increases the user’s capacity to investigate correlated alternatives within the targeted region.

Single Listing Pages

Users may customize the system to meet their own needs by having broad configuration options for all listing types. This versatility allows users to add unique tabs, include various text blocks, dynamically display information, highlight related listings, and even display WooCommerce items inside their listings. Users will be able to offer their material in a more effective and customized way thanks to this flexible method. 

User Dashboard

A full online listings experience requires customized review categories, star ratings, picture uploads, and schema compatibility. These features improve user feedback, speedy rating, visual representation, and search optimization.

Translation Capability

MyListing can be translated into any language, but it is not currently compatible with multi-language support or WPML. 

Monetize Your Directory Website

Monetize “Add Listing” submissions by offering varying packages that enable field customization and hiring options, with unique packages available for each listing type. Implement “Claim Listing” monetization to allow users to elevate their listings to the top of search results through the sale of promotion packages, each with distinct priority levels in search results.

Planning & Pricing

Mylisting has a clear policy about its plan for its price and packages. It provides three individual packages for the users- Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

Reviews & Ratings

A full online listings experience requires customized review categories, star ratings, picture uploads, and schema compatibility. These features improve user feedback, speedy rating, visual representation, and search optimization. 

Some Other Features

  • SEO Optimized
  • One-Click Demo Importer
  • Ajax Filtering
  • Search Form Builder
  • Paid Listings
  • Promoted Listings
  • Front-End Submission
  • Direct Message
  • Schema Support
  • Minified and Optimized
  • Social Login
  • Contact Forms
  • Shortcode Generator
  • GOOGLE Fonts
  • Fast And reliable Support

Price:  $69

Wrap Up

This article tries to give you authentic and updated information about the entire theme. One very effective and adaptable option for building directory and listing websites is “MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme.” Its versatility and large feature set make it an appealing option for anybody looking to develop dynamic and interesting directory websites inside the WordPress environment, even though it might not come with built-in multi-language support.